Morning Pastries

If you appreciate the combined aromas of dough rising, chocolate melting, sugar caramelizing & loaves baking, you should probably get a little Baked in the morning.

Here are a few other reasons you should go to Baked in the morning:  Stumptown coffee and espresso, multiple muffins (flavors change daily), scrumptious American-style scones (like Nutella, various berries & sour lemon), buttery biscuits, stuffed turnovers & rows of quick breads (our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip loaf is a thing of beauty & a minor obsession).

Also, every item is baked on premises daily- in the wee hours of the morning - for your pastry pleasure.  Come early for the best selection (and for piping hot cinnamon buns).

Scones & Muffins
Made fresh daily, using market fruits, berries and nuts.

Available in plain, chocolate, and almond.

Cinnamon Buns
Arrive early for these melt-in-your-mouth buns.

Pockets & Turnovers
We've got savory, we've got sweet - whatever your puff pastry needs.

Made in the southern style, our biscuits come in classic plain or with an herb and cheese mix!

Loaves, Bundts, Buckles, & Coffeecake
An all-day treat, our loaves, bundts, buckles and coffeecakes come in a variety of flavors for a variety of customers.

Granola Parfait
Kesso Greek yogurt, Baked granola & home made fruit compote.

Chia Pudding (Tribeca)
Chia seeds, coconut milk, agave, and dried fruits for a decadent-yet-healthy breakfast and treat.

Muesli (Tribeca)
Lightly toasted oats, almond milk, apple, dried fruits, and slivered almonds. You'll never go back to oatmeal.

Breakfast Cookie (Red Hook)
Oats, cranberries, nuts, whole wheat flour and lightly sweetened.