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Baked Bakeware is Here

September 28, 2012 / By Matt

We are about to burst. Our excitement levels have not been this high since the day we opened our Brooklyn store and published our first book. We feel like we are emanating rainbows and unicorns and Santa Claus and shining stars.

Let me take a breath and explain. We obviously love dessert – caramel runs through our veins and chocolate is part of our ordinary, daily diet. But we also happen to have a strong affinity (mild obsession) for all the kitchen-y things that make a dessert so special. We like color coordinated Kitchen Aid mixers. Plates with a personal history.  Mixing bowls with a personality. And piles and closests and shelves heaving with vintage bakeware.

[Since my kitchen cabinets already overfloweth, I was forced to store some of my favorite pieces on shelves in the living room and ledges in the dining nook – you have to be adaptable in NYC apartments]

Imagine our euphoria when Williams-Sonoma offered us a crack at designing two ceramic tabletop pieces – an 8 x 8 for our brownies, and a 9 x 5 for our quick breads – inspired by all the things we love. We nearly exploded.

So we gathered up all of our design inspiration – we are mad for Catherine Holm, Heath Ceramics, Kaj Franck, Fire King, Nordic Ware, Dansk, and even those collectible glasses from McDonald’s from our youth. Damn you Mayor McCheese for haunting my dreams…

And then we put that inspiration in the blender that is our mind and came up with some groovy, vintage-y pieces for the home baker. Our oven-to-table eye candy bakes evenly (it’s stoneware). It’s easy to clean (just wipe down the vibrant orange interior). And c’mon, how can you not love those handles. It’s an instant heirloom.

We hope you like them as much as we do. And, hey, if you want to buy one for yourself (and one for your dearest friend), we wouldn’t be opposed…:)

[photo credit for Baked Bakeware goes to Brian Kennedy]

p.s. the Baked Bakeware is available at all Williams-Sonoma stores and online at williams-sonoma.com. We do not carry the Bakedware at our bakery at this time.


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