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12 Days of Cookies – Kalachki or Kolachi

December 17, 2012 / By Matt

And on the fifth day of Baked’s 12 Days of Cookies Amy made a delicious cookie with a funny sounding name: Kalachkis (spelled a thousand different ways apparently) because:

The jam filled Kalachki is a favorite of Amy’s. The cream cheese and butter [ed note: three of my favorite words are cream cheese and butter], make for a flakey and delicious dough. And then, just look at them…cute!

kalachki2Amy’s cookies will be available all day long at Baked. Want a Kalachki/Kolache primer? Go here (though, apparently, the wiki entry is still not complete).

This cookie is part of our 12 Days of Cookies. Might as well join us in the festivities. And, hello, we have prizes to distribute.


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