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Blog / July, 2013

  • How to Make Buttery Basic Brioche

    July 24, 2013 / By amy

    In these long, sweaty, hazy, lazy days of mid-July if you happen upon a weekend when you’re not up to much – how about trying your hand at bread baking?  It requires little effort on your part and the warm air is great for quick rising times – not to mention it’s incredibly satisfying. And…
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  • A Snow Cone for Adults: Blackberry Malbec Granita

    July 18, 2013 / By Matt

    We are entering day 5 (which feels like day 206) of a rather unrelenting heat wave. I only go outside for necessities, and I do not open my blinds during the day. I am only vaguely aware of my attire, though I am almost certain it is last year’s bathing suit, a white undershirt, and…
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  • Jordbærlagkage

    July 11, 2013 / By johannah

    Following US-based food magazines and blogs can be a disheartening experience for someone living in Scandinavia. Well before any sign of spring here in Copenhagen, my newsfeed starts filling with asparagus and rhubarb. While I’m still picking through last season’s potatoes at the supermarket and making due with sad fruit flown in from overseas, an abundance of…
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  • Summer Lovin’: Lime Tarragon Cookies with White Chocolate

    July 3, 2013 / By Matt

    About 120 years ago, I was invited to a very specific July 4th holiday potluck. The only requirement was to bring a dish that was red, white, or blue in color. In theory, this sounded like a fun constraint. In execution it was like an overblown Sandra Lee “tablescape” nightmare. There were too many dishes…
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