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It’s Time to Get Your Cake On – Introducing New Baked Cakes

September 25, 2013 / By Matt

It’s time to order a Baked cake! Actually, it’s always time for a Baked cake. But, right now is a perfect time – a special time – because we have a bunch of amazing NEW CAKES!

Here is what you need to do: Check out the new flavors and mouthwatering photos below. Get very excited. Order one today.

dulcey cake_baked

Toasted Dulcey Cream Cake

Toasted Dulcey Dream Cake: Our Toasted Dulcey Dream Cake is a dense, moist Valrhona white chocolate cake topped and filled with a light, whipped Valrhona Dulcey (a blond chocolate ganache) buttercream. The overall flavor is like caramelized milk (yum). It’s downright sophisticated and it is beyond amazing.

Banana Cream Cake

Banana Cream Cake

Banana Cream Cake: The Banana Cream Cake came barreling out of our kitchen just recently, and already, it has become a staff favorite. Our moist vanilla sponge cake oozes flambeed bananas. Then the whole cake is covered in an addictive vanilla mascarpone buttercream. Simple, but exquisite.

Strawberry Supreme

Strawberry Supreme

Strawberry Supreme: Our Strawberry Supreme cake is a light white cake sponge infused with fresh strawberries and filled with a strawberry infused Chantilly cream (YES!!!) and a strawberry jam (double YES!!!). The whole cake is covered in our dreamy vanilla buttercream – dyed a light all-natural pink (of course) and topped with a fresh, juicy, locally-grown (when possible) strawberries.

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade: Our Raspberry Lemonade cake starts with our traditional white cakes sponge decked out with modern flair. We fleck it with lemon zest and enhance it with lemon juice. Then the cake is jam-packed with…duh…raspberry jam. And tangy lemon buttercream. We finish the cake with a lemon-curd infused vanilla buttercream. It’s retro-modern at its finest.

What the heck are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and order a new Baked cake. Don’t live near by? Perhaps you want to make a Baked cake. We have a bunch of our cake recipes spread out over three awesome cookbooks.

New cake flavors courtesy our lovely staff!

All cake photos by Brian Kennedy.

See you soon.


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