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  • Baked is Opening in Japan

    August 9, 2016 / By Matt

    I suppose, in the end, it was always about Japan. It had to be. It wasn’t obvious, of course. This is the kind of thing that sneaks up on you. This is the kind of thing that rattles around your subconscious—a slight pinging of the brain. Like sonar. Then it surfaces, seeking oxygen, and unexpectedly—12-plus…
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  • We Got Class

    January 19, 2016 / By Matt

    We are finally – FINALLY – launching our hands-on baking and decorating classes at Baked (Tribeca location)! And we want you to come join us. Our first class (Feb 10th), Beauty Tips from Baked, is a decorating class. Among the many thinks you will learn: how to make a silky buttercream, how to fill and…
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  • Winter is Coming : Baked Upcoming Events and New Items

    November 29, 2015 / By Matt

    Don’t you want to get Baked this holiday season? Join us for one of our upcoming December events and/or check out some of our new items: Craft-Tacular 2 at BAKED: A Shine Production when: December 3rd at 7:00PM where: Baked Tribeca what: Shine NYC is bringing their craft magic to Baked Tribeca. In their second Baked class,…
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  • Baked is Getting Classy

    August 25, 2015 / By Matt

    I KNOW it isn’t fall yet. And I KNOW we haven’t even passed Labor Day. But damn it, everyone is already talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I don’t understand this…but maybe I do) and I already have a Doomsday Preppers-sized cache of canned pumpkin at the ready. Besides, I have good news to share. Our…
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  • Upcoming Baked Events for May / June 2015

    May 22, 2015 / By Matt

    There has never been a better time to get Baked. New items, new store, and a slew of upcoming events. Hope you can make it to one of the following: BRIDES and BUBBLES when: May 28th at 6:30PM where: Baked Tribeca what: Newly engaged? About to get married? YOU NEED CAKE! Join us for an evening of…
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  • Our First Party in Tribeca

    December 17, 2014 / By Matt

    On December 11th (2014 y’all) – Baked Tribeca had it’s first party. It was a Dessert-apoolza and it was cakes and pies and cookies and ice cream and wine and coffee and it was wonderful and festive. Some of our favorite authors and bakers came out to support two great causes: Cookies for Kids Cancer…
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  • Chocolate Cheesecake and Dessert-apoolza

    November 25, 2014 / By Matt

    Yup, our new store is open. You should come. It is awesome, but it has been a whole lot of insanity. And now Thanksgiving is nipping at the heels…and well, I am too old for this excitement and madness. I promise to spill more words about the buildout and opening shortly, but right now I…
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  • July 4th = Limited Edition Pies + Liza

    June 24, 2014 / By Matt

    It’s a good year to celebrate July 4th in Brooklyn! First, the famous fireworks (via Macy’s) are returning to the East River (it’s about time). And secondly (perhaps more importantly), Baked is making pie. Lot’s of Limited-Edition-Only-For-July-4th-Pie. Here is the Skinny: We are making two different limited edition pies… 1. Peach/Strawberry: This is a lattice-topped…
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  • Baked Occasions is Coming

    May 28, 2014 / By Matt

    It is with great pleasure that we (Renato/me) finally (FINALLY!!!) get to announce our newest cookbook, Baked Occasions: Desserts for Leisure Activities, Holidays and Informal Celebrations. And c’mon – don’t you love the glorious cover! The book arrives on October 7th, but you can preorder this baby now if you like. We promise you will LOVE it! Pre-Order…
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  • It’s Malt Month at Baked

    April 7, 2014 / By Matt

    Thankfully, it’s Malt Month…all month long…at Baked. Our love of malt, malted milk powder, Whoppers and Maltesers knows no bounds. Come on down and check out our latest malt infused goodies (menu below). And, hey, now is a great time to order a Malted Milk Ball Cake (pic above) because we will give you 25%…
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  • Let’s get real: March is Peanut Butter Month at Baked.

    March 4, 2014 / By Matt

    March is Peanut Butter Month at Baked. Because we said so. Because we love peanut butter. A lot. We dedicated an entire chapter to peanut butter in our third cookbook, Baked Elements. And it is lovingly featured in many desserts at our bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. So, if you will, please come celebrate with us. If…
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  • The Great Baked (9th) Birthday. Happy Bday to Us.

    January 10, 2014 / By Matt

    Holy dang. Baked is going to be 9 years old tomorrow!!!! NINE!!!! And to think we (myself/Renato) have only aged about 27+ years in that same time span. Without getting too misty and teary-eyed, we’d just like to give a big shout out to our staff over the years. Baked wouldn’t be Baked without them….
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  • 12 Days of Cookies : Day One

    December 13, 2013 / By Matt

    As promised, we are kicking off our 12 Days of Cookies event today. First up, Mandy is kicking things off with these Coconut Raspberry Ribbon Squares! Per Mandy:  “The reason I chose to make this recipe is because it contains two of my favorite ingredients: coconut and sweetened condensed milk. Anytime my mom baked, she…
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  • A momentary break to unveil (pimp) the new Baked by Fire-King bakeware.

    December 11, 2013 / By Matt

    Forgive us for this shameless plug, but we are really REALLY happy with our new Baked by Fire-King collection. It’s a collaboration that seems predestined. If you know us, you know that we love vintage American recipes (see our second cookbook, Baked Explorations), and we are bonkers for vintage American bakeware. So, we basically melted…
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  • Red Hook Holiday Happenings (This Weekend)

    December 5, 2013 / By Matt

    (pic above from awesome Red Hook biz, Saipua) If you live in the NYC area, you have to come out to Red Hook this weekend. There is a lot going on… First, stop by Baked for some fuel (caffeine/muffin/cookie)…then you have to hit up, Red Hook Maker Market Holiday Pop-up! … Featuring Red Hook Makers…
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  • The Early Bird Gets the Pie

    November 1, 2013 / By Matt

    !!!Order Your Pie Today for the ‘Early Turkey’ 10% Discount!!! It’s very likely you haven’t even packed up your Halloween decor. We imagine you still have a Jack-O-Lantern on your front porch and a bowl of Halloween candy lingering on your coffee table. This is okay. We understand. But we already flipped the switch. We…
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  • Baked in Manhattan is Happening

    October 30, 2013 / By Matt

    We have some exciting news to announce!: We finally have a space in Manhattan (yup, the photo above is a pic of us in front of the construction project aka “new store”). And it is going to be a Baked. A really fun/cool Baked with the DNA of our Red Hook store, plus a few…
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  • It’s Time to Get Your Cake On – Introducing New Baked Cakes

    September 25, 2013 / By Matt

    It’s time to order a Baked cake! Actually, it’s always time for a Baked cake. But, right now is a perfect time – a special time – because we have a bunch of amazing NEW CAKES! Here is what you need to do: Check out the new flavors and mouthwatering photos below. Get very excited. Order…
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  • Lazy Cake aka Aunt Naomi’s Chocolate Fudge Cake

    June 19, 2013 / By Matt

    I am afraid I lost another weekend to recipe obsession. This has been happening a lot lately. I should spend more time outside (assuming the NYC weather cooperates), but there is still so much to bake. And always so little time. My latest baking preoccupation: one-bowl (hence, lazy) chocolate cake designed for a 9 x…
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  • A Chunkwich Surfaces In Brooklyn

    June 5, 2013 / By Matt

    According to this New York Times article, over one billion Chipwiches had been sold by 2002. Renato and I are probably personally responsible for a sizable chunk of that number. We both, unbeknownst to each other, spent entire summers lost in a downward spiral of Chipwich addiction – waking only to satisfy the next fix. The Chipwich,…
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  • Baked Updates / Spring 2013 (and muffin and scone calendar)

    April 30, 2013 / By Matt

    [Coney Island photo by Jamie Haire] Sandy (yup, the hurricane) really mucked up our Fall. And this Winter just seemed to stretch on and on (salved only by kind customers, great neighbors and loads of cake) so we are really hoping for a beautiful Spring/Summer (or at least a Spring/Summer without any extreme weather) with…
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