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The Baking Society

We bake and blog (and eat). Though baking takes up a lot more of our life than blogging.

  • A Whole Bunch of Ways to Get Baked This Fall

    September 21, 2012 / By Matt

    I am impatiently waiting for Fall to arrive. Not the pre-determined calendar date (which is apparently Sept 22nd 10:49AM for those keeping track), but “Fall” as in apple-picking, leaf-changing, soup-making, bread-baking, cake-making “Fall”. Fall means I can rotate hoodies back into my wardrobe, and I can ride the subway again without fear of aroma-induced nausea….
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  • Well, Hello Dolly!

    September 20, 2012 / By jordan

    If there is something Dolly hasn’t mastered, I am unaware of it. She is a talented singer, actress, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, philanthropist, cook, author, and theme park kingpin (the female Walt Disney). If she were to become a master skydiver, I would not be surprised. Before I ever ventured down south, Dolly was my gateway to…
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  • Make It Malted

    September 19, 2012 / By diana

      I’m on a malted mission.  Fate (aka a co-worker) handed me two brimming quarts of malt powder (the unsellable remainders of an exploded bulk package) and I took them.  In return, I accepted a challenge to make use of otherwise-trash: to feature malt as the star ingredient in delicious, nutritious eats. Okay, so I’m…
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  • Spiral Cheddar Loaves

    September 18, 2012 / By amy

    Cheese.  Let’s talk about it.  It’s pretty much the best thing ever right?  I love all varieties from the finest triple cream brie to casual colby jack – I don’t discriminate.  They’re all so salty, creamy and satisfying.  And how do we feel about bread? Yea, bread’s not bad either.  So naturally the right thing…
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About The Baking Society

The National Baking Society is dedicated to preserving American baking standards,techniques, ingredients, ideas and recipes. In less extravagant ornate prose, The National Baking Society is a blog from the folks at Baked.



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