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Blog / November, 2012

  • Amy Sedaris Snaps

    November 29, 2012 / By jordan

    Yes, Thanksgiving is over (though, oddly, I still feel like I might be digesting the ungodly amount of turkey consumed) and the “bigger” Holidays are already upon us. From here on out, it is candy canes and peppermint, and garland and COOKIES!…mountains and mountains of cookies. And if I am going to make holiday inspired…
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  • A Very Austin Autumn

    November 27, 2012 / By diana

    My two-month anniversary of moving to Austin is quickly approaching and, let me be honest, I really want to celebrate.  Since relocating from Brooklyn, I’ve been as happy as a clam in high tide.  I mean, seriously, what could possibly make a girl smile more than watching average high temperature forecasts drop in her old…
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  • Baked Sunday Mornings are the best sunday mornings

    November 26, 2012 / By Matt

    I’d like to introduce you to some really amazing people.  They are sweet, talented (They blog! They bake!), funny, and irreverent.  And even though I have only met a handful of them in person, they all…strangely…feel like friends in an “I-feel-like-I-know-them-via-their-blog” sort of way. Baked Sunday Mornings is a baking club, which is like a…
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  • Sweet Sweet Potato Biscuits

    November 20, 2012 / By amy

    Dare I say it?  Thanksgiving is t-minus 2 days away…oh no, did you just start sweating?  Relax!  Everything’s going to be fiiiine – just over pour and over feed and everyone is sure to have a fabulous holiday.  And maybe make these biscuits.  No, definitely make these biscuits.  They’re simple and scrumptious.   Heck, serve them alongside…
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  • Thankful for Coolio. And Sweet Chocolate Potato Pie.

    November 16, 2012 / By jordan

    Here are the only two things I remember thinking after watching the movie Dangerous Minds: 1. I really wanted to be Michelle Pfeiffer’s student and 2. Gangster’s Paradise, the famed title track, made me want to be a rapper. Alas, some 15 years later, I am still not a rapper. And I nearly forgot about…
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  • Onion Pull-Apart Rolls, Of Course

    November 14, 2012 / By amy

    Next week the holiday season officially begins.  And what better way to kick it all off than with a meal of epic proportions? Chances are you already have your Thanksgiving menu pretty planned out (or you’re more of a last minute kind of cook and that’s totally acceptable too) but either way I think you’ll…
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  • Baking For the Occasion

    November 13, 2012 / By diana

    [ed note: the recipe for this dessert appears in our third cookbook, Baked Elements] Holidays are a good excuse for a number of things, including but not limited to excessive celebration, spending time with family, taking a day off from work, giving gifts, and lots of hugs, kisses, and kitschy decoration.  They are occasions that bring…
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  • Pine Nut Tart, Rosemary Cream

    November 8, 2012 / By amy

    Pine nuts: not just for pesto anymore.  Turns out you can use this delicate (and, unfortunately, obscenely priced) nut to make a pretty killer pie. Paired with a traditional almond sablé crust this tart would be a perfect finish for those dinner guests who don’t care to wrap up their meal with something overly sweet. …
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  • MICHELLE OBAMA-Even Better the Second Time

    November 7, 2012 / By jordan

    Yesterday, I was still deep in the midst of post-Sandy trauma before the realization of the election came into full view. It was, at that moment, that I did my duty as a proud American and dove into Michelle Obama’s famous cookie recipe – the one that took down the first prize in the (un)official…
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  • Thank You and ReStore

    November 5, 2012 / By Matt

    Baked would like to send a big-hearted thank you to everyone who helped put the soggy, upside down, Baked back together. We could not have made it through Hurricane Sandy and the destruction she left behind without our amazing staff, an army of volunteers, the kindness of Red Hook residents/business owners alike, and the deluge…
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