Baker’s Choice Brownie + Blondie Pack

Our Brownies are slightly fudgy and full of the finest quality dark chocolate and cocoa. They have won awards and accolades (even Oprah picked them as a favorite thing).

Our Brown Sugar Blondie is a dangerous addiction. Made with brown sugar and rich chocolate and nuts, it’s the best blondie youll ever have!

Each of our gift boxes (completely adorable and reusable) include individually hand-wrapped brownies or bars. A Baker’s Choice pack will include and even assortment of each flavor.

We bake all of our brownies & bars by hand, per order.

  • Original Deep Dark: Our classic brownie.
  • Sweet & Salty: Infused with caramel and fleur de sel!
  • Brown Sugar Blondie: A classic blondie with the deep flavors of dark brown sugar.

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