12 Days of Cookies - Day Five

It’s Day Five of our 12 Days of Cookies, and Katie bring us her addictive, crunchy Peppermint Chocolate Chip Meringues.

These are killer. I had the honor of testing Katie’s recipe for our forthcoming cookbook. (Nope, book recipe is not final yet). She chose them because she is both a chocolate chip and meringue fan – the peppermint addition is a nice nod towards the holiday.

Baked will be serving Katie’s Peppermint Chocolate Chip Meringues all day until we run out. And if you need cookie inspiration or recipes, take a gander over here.

Stocking Stuffer

If you live near Brooklyn, get thee to the new Whole Foods. The Gowanus location opened today AND – they are selling our very cool Baked by Fire-King brand of bake ware. The mixing bowls are a baker’s dream (i.e. perfect gift).