12 Days of Cookies - Day Nine

It’s Day Nine of our 12 Days of Cookies and Wendi made one my favorite Christmas Cookie, the Cocoa Crinkle.

For Wendi, the Cocoa Crinkle is the embodiment of the Christmas season. Wendi’s Cocoa Crinkles are the perfect Christmas cookie – rich and warm and chocolate-y and indulgent. They practically beg to be served with milk.


Baked will be serving Wendi’s Cocoa Crinkle Cookies all day until we run out. And if you need cookie inspiration or recipes, take a gander over here.

Stocking Stuffer


Wendi can’t live without a bowl scraper. She does not believe in waste (thanks Wendi) and uses her bowl scraper to make sure not even a teaspoon of batter or filling or icing goes unused.