12 Days of Cookies - Day Ten

The ante has been upped. Things are getting serious. Wendi went and remade the classic snickerdoodle for Day Ten of our 12 Days of Cookies. Behold, the Chocolate Snickerdoodle.

For Wendi, Christmas is all about the sparkle and shimmer. And chocolate. Lot’s of chocolate. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more sparkly or shimmery than this Chocolate Snickerdoodle.

Baked will be serving Chocolate Snickerdoodles all day until we run out. And if you need cookie inspiration or recipes, take a gander over here.

Stocking Stuffer


We are cheating a little bit today. Wendi was too busy baking to put together another stocking stuffer idea, so we (Renato/myself) hope you don’t mind if we suggest (plug) our new Gluten-Free Brookster mix. Same great Brookster – but entirely Gluten-Free!!!