12 Days of Cookies - Day Twelve

We are closing out our 12 Days of Cookies celebration with a classic from Molly. Say hello to the old school Peanut Butter cookie (with a nice shout out to mom and dad).

Per Molly: “I wanted to do something with peanut butter, an ingredient that was somewhat overlooked so far, to round out the 12th day. This is one of the cookies that I always remember making with my mom when I was younger. And by “making with my mom”, I mean I would sneak-eat as much cookie dough as possible – and then help her criss-cross the tops of each cookie with a fork. This one is for you, mom. And while I can’t be home with you and dad tomorrow, I thank you for postponing Christmas until I can get there on the 27th. Merry Christmas to all!”

Stocking Stuffer

How does Molly handle the heat in the kitchen? Molly says: “Let’s talk hydration. As any kitchen worker will attest: Hydration. Is. Essential. While at work (and let’s be honest, sometimes at home, too) I gulp water down in the ever-so-classy quart container. But, because I’m a country girl at heart, I also love the look of any type of drink in a Mason jar. Then they went and put handles on them! Too cute!