12 Days of Cookies - Dream Squares

And on the seventh day of Baked’s 12 Days of Cookies Veronika took us along on her dreamy nostalgic treat-laden path:

Every weekend we would visit my Nanny (grandma) in Montreal. After lunch, she would put out tea with lemon and cookies. Once she put out these bars she called “dream squares.” I took one bite and I fell in love. These bar cookies have a sugar dough crust, a chewy center filled with coconut and crushed walnuts and they are topped with the sweetest icing. I look forward to making them every year for the holidays. Once you try one, you will be “dreaming” about them too.

Veronika’s Dream Squares will be available all day long at Baked today. And, as always, if you can’t participate locally, you might as well try and win something. We have a Pinterest based event/give-away going on, so check it out.