12 Days of Cookies - Return of the Monster

And on the tenth day of Baked’s 12 Days of Cookies Molly brought back the Monster Cookie! Oh, Molly, what have you done? Why did you unleash the beast? Can you explain?:

Ahh, Baked’s beloved Monster Cookie. Our regular customers will remember when this old beauty was in our usual lineup, yet due to not-so-stellar sales we decided to give it a break…

However, the day has come for our Monster Cookie to have it’s day in the sun! Jordan, the best general manager there ever was, LOVES this cookie. So today, the 12 days of cookies is dedicated to him – and to all the other monster cookie lovers out there. Peanut butter, oats and chocolate – does it get any better than that?

So, our Monster Cookie (dedicated to Jordan who actually has a day off today) will be available all day at Baked.

Bad ass picture of Jordan (via NY Daily News via Joel Cairo) below – just because:jordan

Hope you are enjoying our 12 Days of Cookies. And don’t be afraid to enter our Pinterest contest for some cool gifts!