A Baked Gift Guide

Do not emulate my holiday shopping habits. They are deplorable. I have been known to start Christmas shopping at 11AM on December 24th – high on caffeine and over-confidence. It never ends well (i.e. me, in tears, scouring a bodega at midnight for stocking stuffers).

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can prepare ahead of time. You can finish your shopping early (or so I’m told). You can have everything wrapped, tagged, and bowed with plenty of time to enjoy a whole slew of Hallmark Holiday Movies (who can deny the charms of Baby’s First Christmas) or whatever else you might do with your free time.

In the interest of making your holiday a little less frantic, I have asked our bakery elves (er…Baked kitchen staff) to conjure up a Baked Gift Guide for the bakers/cooks/kitchen tinkerers in your life. Here goes:

Molly loves this apple peeler/corer for the simple fact that it makes her feel happy in even the busiest of seasons.

Molly also believes EVERYONE needs a good cutting board. Her dad made hers (lucky Molly), but she adores this Etsy version that is shaped like Vermont.

Veronica is a master cake decorator, and naturally she thinks every aspiring cake artist needs an offset spatula.

And Veronica also has a thing for cake stands, like these.

Amy wants to look good while whipping egg whites (who wouldn’t?), and suggest this copper bowl for such tasks.

Amy also recommends a “sexy Pie Transporter” aka basket to move baked goods from one location to another…

Jordan is a man after my own heart. He has ice cream on the brain and is gaga for this Ice Cream Maker attachment. It is always ice cream weather somewhere.

He also likes to play with knives. Paring knives with gorgeous brown handles.

Like Molly, Renato is cutting board crazy too. And this version is multi-purpose: cutting board, trivet, presentation platter…sheesh….

Yup, we are both crazy for oven to table bakeware. And Renato is particularly fond of these pieces.

Would it be tacky of me to wrap this up with one of our very own Baked pieces? I can’t help myself, because I really do love our Limited Edition Baked Bundt. And I really think you deserve one.

And may all your days leading up to the holidays be merry.