A Chunkwich Surfaces In Brooklyn

According to this New York Times article, over one billion Chipwiches had been sold by 2002. Renato and I are probably personally responsible for a sizable chunk of that number. We both, unbeknownst to each other, spent entire summers lost in a downward spiral of Chipwich addiction – waking only to satisfy the next fix.


The Chipwich, the original chocolate chip vanilla ice cream sandwich (rolled in mini chocolate chips, of course), is no longer with us. For some ridiculous reason, Nestlé acquired then killed the Chipwich brand in order to pimp their own Toll House Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich. To put it mildly, the Toll House version is no Chipwich. We hope someone at Nestlé is held accountable for this grave error in judgement.

Thankfully, many new and great and local and inspired chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches are popping up in various places. Many of them owe a great debt to Ray LaMotta, Brooklyn born inventor of the Chipwich.


Our version, the Chunkwich, launches today. It is worth the trip to Red Hook (sorry, avail in-store only). Heck, it is worth many trips to Red Hook. The Chunkwich is simple. But extraordinary. Take two of our popular Chocolate Chunk cookies, add some premium vanilla ice cream from Steve’s, sandwich together and voilà…summertime happiness. By the by, we plan on changing the ice cream flavor every month. Stay tuned. Come visit. And have a great summer.