A Whole Bunch of Ways to Get Baked This Fall

I am impatiently waiting for Fall to arrive. Not the pre-determined calendar date (which is apparently Sept 22nd 10:49AM for those keeping track), but “Fall” as in apple-picking, leaf-changing, soup-making, bread-baking, cake-making “Fall”.

Fall means I can rotate hoodies back into my wardrobe, and I can ride the subway again without fear of aroma-induced nausea. It means stereotypical (but-oh-so heavenly) upstate pumpkin patch missions, cider parties, and (gulp) candy corn.

It also means we have a lot of Baked fun happenings in the very near future. And I thought it would be the perfect time to loop you into some of the upcoming goings-on:

EVENTS thru Oct. 15th

This Saturday (9/22), Baked will be at Brooklyn Local (part of City Harvest) along with some other amazing vendors. Worthy cause, cool event. You should go.

On Sept 30th, we will be at the Baltimore Book Festival to demo, sample, and sign books…and answer any of life’s hard questions. Come see us if you live nearby.

We will be at one of our favorite indy bookstores, Greenlight Brooklyn, on Oct. 3rd at 7:30PM. Word on the street is that we will arrive with baked goodies for the crowd…

Our big talk about the perils and joys of opening a bakery is on Oct. 4th at the 92nd Y – Tribeca. Lots of info on that event here.

We will be in Winter Park, FL on Oct. 12th – at the Williams-Sonoma at 2PM. Signing, demos, door prizes, etc…

We are teaching a Sunday class (and demo’ing the day before) at the house of Mickey for Epcot Food and Wine Festival on October 13th-14th.

Two of our amazing Baked chefs will be at the Paula Deen Brunch (part of the New York Food and Wine Festival) on Sunday, Oct. 14th. Say hi to Paula for us and give Veronika and Amy big hugs.

and finally, we are snowbirding it for the day in Boca. We will be at the Williams-Sonoma on October 15th at 6pm. Yup, more signings, demos, door prizes, and all that jazz.

We have a few more cities on the docket for the end of October and November. Posting soon.

In the meantime, you really should check out Shauna Sever’s blog for a beautifully photographed rendition (and recipe) of one of our favorite fall recipes, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf

p.s. Shauna has a new book coming out and you should probably order it…

Happy Fall!