And Here We Go

I’d like to introduce you to a few people. Actually, I’d like to introduce you to a lot of people, but first I should probably explain to you exactly what the hell is going on. First, though it is not Renato’s birthday, we made him a birthday cake (above) because we like Renato, but love our new chocolate transfers for cakes. Note: It is my understanding that the gentleman depicted on the cake is not meant to represent Renato in any way, shape or form – though the jury is still out.

Our new chocolate-transfer-cake-design-library thing is part of our whole new site. And about our website: We have a whole new one (my how times have changed since we first launched our last one – almost 6 years ago) and we have a whole new logo (because in all actuality, we had about 12 different logos and even we couldn’t keep track of them).

We hope you enjoy our new site, but be aware – we just launched it and it might need some tweaks and twists along the way. If you are a copyeditor or married to a copyeditor or a copyeditor owes you a big frickin’ favor, maybe – just maybe – you can have them review the new Baked site at their leisure and report back to us? Any major gaffes?

We also finally have a blog -which is probably about as current as saying we just got our Myspace account – but we realized we have a lot to say and share and ramble on about. And most importantly, people want recipes. We will post them. They won’t always be Baked recipes, but at least now we have a place to file them away.

About those people I wanted to introduce you too… they are known collectively as the Baked Blog Team (not really), but we do have a great group – a big Baked cabal dedicated to making your world a better place. As their posts start to appear next week, I will introduce you to them. God willing, we will be posting four times a week. If you find us unconscious on the floor of our bakery – laptop clenched in one hand/whisk in the other – blame the blog schedule.

Finally, a quick shout out to Bret Hansen of Now Projector who designed both the new site and the new logo and the new blog…and we intend to showcase Bret and his design process (and the difficulties we brought into his life) in another post (if you are into that kind of thing).

Thanks for listening folks. Thanks for playing. We roll this thing out…big time…regular posting schedule and all that jazz…starting next week.

(pic taken in provincetown, mass aug/2012)