Baked Elements sans Ewoks

(morning sunshine bars photo by the lovely Tina Rupp)

It’s here!!!!! Our brand new, shiny, sexy book has landed. Turns out our newest volume, Baked Elements, arrived a wee bit earlier than we anticipated (good problem to have, I suppose), so check-in now with your local bookstore, neighborhood Williams-Sonoma, or wherever else you might find books these days. Grab a copy ASAP and start baking.

We are insanely proud of this book – our third opus! It is the finale in our trilogy (like Return of the Jedi, but without the Ewoks), and it is based on our ten favorite ingredients: Peanut Butter, Booze, Cheese, Malt Powder (you get the picture…). It is gorgeous – filled with amazing recipes, lovely photos, nifty tips, and a bunch of other bells and whistles that make the world go round. Oh, did we mention it just went on sale.

Our first true Book Events don’t roll out until the week after Labor Day, but it seems a little bit silly to wait until then to celebrate (we are New Yorkers, and by definition, we are not patient).

In honor of this early arrival, we are having a late summer celebration…something small, but substantial..

(baked cakes photo by the awesome Michael Harlan Turkell)

…something peanut-buttery, crunchy, sunshine-y and chocolate-y: our chefs made a bunch of Morning Sunshine Bars from the new book (1st pic of the post) for you for the weekend. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t stop by and grab 20 (19 for yourself, 1 for a family member or good friend). Morning Sunshine Bars are perhaps our favorite new treats and it is the first time we will be offering them at the bakery. So, if you’re near Red Hook, feel free to pop in, try a Morning Sunshine Bar (they are only $1.00 through the weekend), browse or buy a signed copy of the new book, and enjoy the weather (it is supposed to be lovely).

For the folks who can’t visit the bakery this weekend, we would like to offer a 15% discount to our online store, Use the code “celebrate” from now until Sunday evening for 15% off everything we sell online -(enter the coupon code on the last page of the checkout screen).

Lastly, if we miss you this weekend, we encourage you to come to our first book signing at Williams-Sonoma Columbus Circle on Sept. 8th at 2pm (other tour dates here). We will be standing by with free treats, free cookware, and tons of books. We hope to see you.

We have a bunch of other fun things planned for Fall and for the book and we will keep you updated as they roll in.

Thanks! – Matt and Renato