baked in manhattan


Depending on how you view such things Renato and I are either very cautious or very slow. After eight years of building, tweaking, updating and creating Baked in our favorite part of our favorite borough (yes…Red Hook, Brooklyn!), we are finally ready to expand Baked into Manhattan.

We, along with our great staff, are proudly crossing the Brooklyn Bridge – all eyes focused on the big shiny apple ahead. We come bearing our famous cakes, brownies, cookies, brooksters, muffins, scones and a multitude of other goodies.


Oh, and we might try out some new things at this new store. For instance, we might expand the menu, add beer and wine, extend our hours, karaoke? and well…the possibilities are endless (and a guy can dream, can’t he?). But before we do any of this, we need your help. We need help finding a location.


We have everything else (recipes, big ideas, amazing staff, a few dollars for build-out, etc..) but we are having the darndest time finding a space. You see, finding a retail space in Manhattan is nearly as difficult as finding a decently priced apartment in Manhattan. While some great retail locations are in accessible databases, many are not. These are old school spaces. Simple “for rent” signs in the window with a hand scratched phone number underneath. While we spend a fair amount of time scouring the city for these signs, we can’t possibly canvas the entire territory every weekend. That is where you come in. If you help us connect to a space that we ultimately rent, we will give you a prize (actually, PRIZES!!! That is plural, y’all).

And now the details:

What are we looking for:

We’d love to be somewhere between midtown and the financial district, though if you find a great space anywhere in the city, let us know. Maybe it will work.

We think the space should be about 1500 square feet (give or take a few hundred feet), plus a basement for prep or storage. *if you have the perfect, but smaller-sized space, let us know…maybe it can be a “half-baked”.

Nice landlord = bonus. Decent shape = extra bonus. Outdoor seating possible = major homerun. (None of these are deal killers, just dreams).

How should you let us know about the space:

You can email us at Just make sure you provide contact info (and if you can – include a sentence or two about the space. That would be doubly dreamy).

We are also working with an incredible retail agent. If you need his info, let us know, we’d be happy to share it.

What is the prize:

Well, we actually think the prize is kind of cool considering we aren’t millionaires – but we want to give the lucky guy or gal 1 cake per month for one year. That is 12 (8 inch) cakes! And bonus: Renato and I will come to your house and make brownies for your group or party. And double bonus: we are more than happy to bring our favorite DVD’s to your brownie party to watch them with you (Renato = Moonstruck, Matt = Aliens). Again, all you have to do is connect us to a space that we ultimately rent.


Other stuff:

In our dreams, we would like to be open before the busy fall months arrive. Is that possible? Maybe with your help.

Oh, and pretty please: would love you to share this, FB this, tweet it, etc…etc…

And a big hearty thank you for helping us make the leap. Hope to see you soon.