Baked Updates / Spring 2013 (and muffin and scone calendar)

Sandy (yup, the hurricane) really mucked up our Fall. And this Winter just seemed to stretch on and on (salved only by kind customers, great neighbors and loads of cake) so we are really hoping for a beautiful Spring/Summer (or at least a Spring/Summer without any extreme weather) with many lazy beach days, tons of ice coffee and ice cream (and coffee ice cream) and a few quick important trips to Coney Island for Totonno’s and Mermaids.

In the meantime, we’d like to tell you about some odds and ends happening at Baked.

First, if you like Baked breakfast, you’ll really like our new and improved Muffin and Scone Calendar (I think our chocolate banana scone should be served everyday, but that is just me):


And, lo and behold we have a new hat (please keep Brooklyn hipster jokes to a minimum)…to shield you from the blissful summer sunshine (limited time only y’all):


By the by, we are going to GoogaMooga again. Actually, if you look at the list of food vendors…it seems everyone is going to GoogaMooga so you might as well come and stop by the Baked booth.


Finally, we are thrilled to be teaching a new class at the fancy De Gustibus on May 13th! You should come for two reasons: 1) We will be teaching recipes from the bakery and from all three cookbooks and 2) I can promise you that there will be many many things to eat.


That is all for now, though we have many more exciting (and possibly mind-blowing…) things on the horizon. We promise to keep you updated and hope to see you soon.

Matt + Nato