Building Baked Tribeca

Last year was a doozy. We launched a new book. Opened a new store. And, in general, bit off a lot. I have these momentary daydreams of embarking on some yoga/juice cleanse/beach inspired sabbatical. I want to luxuriate in a thick robe and drink tea out of a precious porcelain cup while reading some literature. But that is not happening. Not yet.

Right now, you can find me (mostly) at Baked Tribeca (sans robe). And it is a pretty great place. With an awesome cake pole.

The build-out of Baked Tribeca is a twisty tale with many woes and villains, highs and heroes. That story is for another day/another time. In the meantime, I thought I would share these construction time-lapse vids with you. They cannot convey the stress/joy/nerves/depression/confusion/excitement behind the scenes…but I am a sucker for a time-lapse nonetheless. Big shout out to Josh Hume for flawlessly editing the footage from a very cheap camera into these perfect vignettes.

The following vids show the transformation of a former basement strip-club into Baked’s working kitchen + offices + wedding “tasting room”.

And while the upstairs transformation was beyond impressive, I lost most of the footage due to a really wonky camera. But still…come on…this is cute stuff….

Now come visit us already: Baked Tribeca is at 279 Church Street.