Improve your love life courtesy the Baked kitchen staff (and Valentine's Day Cookie Box)

Good news folks: The Baked Kitchen Staff (thank you Molly and Veronika) and our wunderkind manager (thanks Jordan) are on a mission to bring a whole lot more love to your life. fieldofcookies

They have been working tirelessly on a big box of magic cookies (and a lovely marshmallow of course) that is sure to make that special someone (or any loved one) very happy on February 14th.


The Baked Valentine’s Day box is available to order (as in just call us here to place your order for pick-up) and we will try to have a few extras available on a first-come/first-serve basis (for Valentine’s Day only).


The box contains mini versions of Baked’s best goodies like…Chocolate Cloud Cookie, Monster Cookie with Valentine’s Day M and M’s, Ginger Lemon Cookie, Oatmeal Cookie, Tri-Color (in special Vday colors), Vday Linzer Cookie, Vday Whoopie Pie, Black and Pink Cookie, and one really cute pink vanilla marshmallow. Unfortunately we can’t ship the box – it is an in-store only thing. But we have a cool recipe for the Red and White Cookies on Oprah’s site if you feel up for baking a magical/romantical cookie yourself.


And don’t fret if you don’t have a special someone. We think it is fine and dandy to order one for yourself. You deserve it. And we LOVE YOU!


Happy Valentine’s Day to All. And thanks to the great Baked staff for bringing that special love voodoo to Red Hook, Brooklyn and beyond.


Ordering Specifics: Valentine’s Day Cookie Box available by order only by calling the Brooklyn store at 718.222.0345. We may have a few extras available on February 14th on a first-come, first-serve basis only. The box is $15.00. We cannot ship the box.