New Baked Elements Events and Macaroni and Cheese

We just can’t help ourselves! We like to travel, we like to blab, and most importantly…we love to meet fans of Baked (and just about any fan of baking or any fan of eating baked goods). We are not choosy. If you like cake, we want to meet you.

image of us with the lovely Jess from Sugadeaux Cupcakes (Australia) in Austin, TX.

We still have a few more October events left (see schedule here). And you really should check them out because I believe there is a Paula Deen Brunch involved. And Paula Deen knows brunch.

Also, we added more fun-filled, thrill-inducing events to our calendar:

Here we come Los Angeles! Come see us on Tuesday, Oct. 9th (6PM) at the Beverly Hills Williams-Sonoma. We promise there will be door prizes (free Le Creuset and Edgeware stuff), samples, demos, ill-timed jokes (courtesy me/Renato) and yes, we will be signing our new book, Baked Elements.

And we have two super amazing Chicago (or Chicago-ish) events on the horizon in November.

Our first event, Get Baked, (November 15th/6pm) is presented by two of our favorite people: Tim from the gorgeous blog Lottie + Doof, and Sandra Holl of Floriole (absolutely can’t wait to eat my way through Floriole bakery). It is a ticketed event and includes coffee and bites from Sandra (thank you Sandra for making our November so special), an intro from Tim, and a copy of the new book. More info rolling out soon…but go ahead snag a ticket now.

Event number two is equally exciting. We are going to the Opera. And though Renato is an accomplished soprano, we won’t exactly be performing Opera, but we will be at the Woodstock Opera House (November 15th/10AM) and we will be discussing the irreverent side of owning a bakery. All future bakery owners (or baking enthusiast) should come on out…lengthy description of our talk is here. You should join us because we are going to be eating brownies for breakfast.

More events soon, but I thought Friday seemed like a perfect time to post about Macaroni and Cheese. Actually, every day seems like a good day to post about Macaroni and Cheese.

But this Macaroni and Cheese is special, because it was made in our new pans from Williams-Sonoma – and it proves that savory works just as well as sweet in this oven-to-table spectacular. Maybe spectacular is over the top, but we really put a lot of work and love into these pans and they do look awfully cool on any table.

The Macaroni and Cheese recipe is “as is” from this one on It is extremely quick and simple – fastest Macaroni and Cheese recipe you will find this side of a Kraft box. It was also quite delicious, though next time I might mix up/change up the cheeses a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone.