Spring Baking Book Bonanza

This fall was an embarrassment of baking riches. So many big, beautiful and amazing baking books were published and I couldn’t help myself. I had to have them ALL! My cookbook shelves were already heaving prior to Fall 2014 and now they are quite literally bulging, popping, and groaning under so much duress.

But, I will not be stopped. Because even a cursory peek into the very near future suggests another bounty. Some really special baking books are on the way. The snow is melting, the grass is greening, and the new books are coming. I suppose I will have to reinforce the shelves.

It wasn’t always this way. It used to be that Spring was the sluggish baking book season. It was traditionally reserved for pie and ice cream focused titles only. Not anymore. Here are a few titles I can’t wait to explore:

Cookie Love by Mindy Segal

Mindy is everything. An uber talent (her restaurant is one of my – and Renato’s – faves) with James Beard cred. And, I can attest that her cookies are simply transformative. I had the good fortune to sample a few flavors at an event a year or so back and I was shameless: slightly drunk, shoveling cookie after cookie into my mouth. Sigh. Now, thanks to Mindy’s new book, I will be able to consume great quantities of her cookies in private – out of the public (shaming) eye.


Icebox Cakes by Jessie Sheehan and Jean Sagendorph

We obviously love Jessie. She is a friend, former employee, and trusted recipe developer. Jessie lives near the Red Hook Baked which means we (Renato/me) have had the chance to sample some of the test recipes from Jessie’s (and Jean’s) new book. So let me say this (with emphasis): you need this new book. It is going to be the masterwork on Icebox Cakes.


The Sweetapolita Bakebook by Rosie Alyea

It should come as no surprise that Rosie’s cakes and cookies have conquered Pinterest and Instagram. Her images and recipes are the stuff of LSD inspired candy-colored electric dreams. Rosie’s website is one of our go-to sources for inspiration and she is about to publish her first book, The Sweetapolita Bakebook. We had an early peek and it is amazing – think beautiful cakes with a dash of Dr. Seuss whimsy.


There are MANY more baking books on the horizon. Sooooo many. I know I am forgetting about 20 others, but as they roll into my library, I will be sharing them with you. Until then. Have a great spring!