Thank You and ReStore

Baked would like to send a big-hearted thank you to everyone who helped put the soggy, upside down, Baked back together. We could not have made it through Hurricane Sandy and the destruction she left behind without our amazing staff, an army of volunteers, the kindness of Red Hook residents/business owners alike, and the deluge of thoughtful emails/tweets sending sweet wishes.

On another note, Red Hook still needs lots of help. Many businesses and livelihoods were destroyed, and many are in dire need. We are currently directing all donation inquiries to ReStore Red Hook to help small business owners overcome the overwhelming task of rebuilding their business. And don’t forget to come and visit Red Hook more often…it is like a scruffier version of Mayberry with a lot of heart and soul and it will need your smiling faces over the next few months.

In the meantime, Baked is slowly getting back into the cake, cookie, pie, brownie, loaf, and cupcake business. Thanks again.

matt + nato