The Agony and The Ecstasy : Building our new Bakery


I have to be blunt. Thus far, opening our second bakery has proven to be no easier than opening our first one. People told us store number two would be a walk in the park. They lied. In retrospect, the first store was a lot less exhausting. We chalk that up to youth and blissful naiveté. We are now a full 10 years older – and we feel it. Bones are creakier. Brains are mushier. Building in NYC is tough. It is best-suited for masochists and dreamers. I suppose we are a little of both.

On the bright side, things are looking up. After plowing through miles and piles of money and paperwork and permits (oh, the joy), we are officially deep in construction. This is the fun part. The place is already demo’d and prepped for all the guts : the electric, the plumbing, etc… We are starting to see the contours. We can slowly visualize where the cakes will be baked, the wine will be poured, and the coffee and cookies will be consumed.

Baked Tribeca (or Baked Church or whatever we decide to call it) is on its way. The transformation has begun. And, now, a few photos from our very first true construction day…more details soon…

bakedinachurch bakedchurhbuild3 bakedtribecabuild2 bakedtribecabrick bakedtribeca4 buildingbakedchurch2 buildingbakedchurch