The Dept. of Baked Weddings is now pinning and we need Your Help

I suppose it goes without saying, that if you are getting married, you should probably get a Baked Wedding Cake. Baked Wedding Cakes are great, because a) they are beautiful b) they taste great and c) we can turn your favorite flavor Baked Cake into a Baked Wedding Cake. (Oh, and we promise to make your Baked Wedding Consult epic…expect lots of cupcakes).


Jordan and Lorenzo

We are also pinning like crazy. Actually, Jordan aka The Baked Wedding Guru (pictured above and newly married himself) is pinning like crazy. He hopes our new Baked Weddings Pinterest Board will help you with wedding inspiration. His collection of pins is Baked focus (you will see a lot of our cakes), but also expect to see a lots of images featuring our favorite local partners (florists, photographers, event spaces) like Tin Can Studios, and Atelier Roquette. Browse it. Enjoy it.

Now we need your help. You may have heard that we are opening a new space in Tribeca. And within this new space, we are creating a very cool wedding room. It’s a secret, hidden room. Made exclusively for inhaling cake samples without any shame. But we need your help decorating it. We are looking for wedding photos. Specifically, a wide variety of wedding photos. Will you send us some?

We would love to see all types of weddings represented. Stuff from the 20’s-70’s would be great. All cultures/religions please. Anything awkward from the 80’s would also be cool. Theme weddings get us especially jazzed (please share that Dungeons and Dragons wedding photo with us).

How does this work: 1. before sending us your photo, make sure you are comfortable with us using the photo in our wedding room. 2. make sure the photo is tagged with all relevant info : name of people in photo and contact info (we will not make this info public). 3. drop a copy (make sure it is a copy….we can’t return any photos) of the photo – at least larger than 5×7 but hopefully about 8×10 – to us at:

Attn: Jordan Slocum
359 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Win something: On May 1st, Jordan will choose his top 3 favorite wedding photos. If your photo is one of the top 3, we will send you a $25 dollar Williams-Sonoma Gift Card. Pretty cool, huh?

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Jordan directly at

Thanks so much in advance for your help. Sending lots of warm wedding thoughts your way.

And here are some example wedding photos (my grandparents):


My grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa Boreali


My grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa Lewis