The Early Bird Gets the Pie

!!!Order Your Pie Today for the ‘Early Turkey’ 10% Discount!!!

It’s very likely you haven’t even packed up your Halloween decor. We imagine you still have a Jack-O-Lantern on your front porch and a bowl of Halloween candy lingering on your coffee table. This is okay. We understand. But we already flipped the switch. We woke up with a woozy Halloween hangover and immediately went into pie mania. Thanksgiving awaits. Order Your Pie Today for our ‘Early Turkey’ 10% Discount

Pre-Order any of our Heavenly pies today: Classic Apple, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan (YES!), or Perfect Pumpkin with Oat Crust, and we will thank you with a 10% discount – just for ordering early. Discounts will be given to all non-procrastinators who place their order today thru end of day Monday, Nov 4th.* Call 718.222.0345 and we will happily pie-ify your Thanksgiving. By the by, we have some awesome Fall cakes and loaves for all you non-pie people.

IF YOU DON’T LIVE NEAR NYC, we still want to share the love. Order anything from our Baked Shop now through Nov 4th and receive 10% off the entire order. Use the TURKEY coupon code upon checkout. Oh, and we have all sorts of fall inspired baking recipes in our books if you are the DIY type.

Our Pie Day Operators are Standing By to Take Your Order

Our Pie Day Operators are Standing By to Take Your Order

*Limit: 3 pies per customer. 10% in-store discount applies to pies only.