The Stripper Pole reimagined - for Cakes

We (myself/Renato) have many, many things we would like to tell you about our new bakery-in-progress, Baked Tribeca.


First, it is nearly open (we are being purposely vague here with an exact date, because…well, because construction is a special kind of hell and we originally thought we would be open in July). Suffice it to say, we are 90% sure, we will be open in October-ish. More details to come. *full disclosure: if the bakery does not open soon, it is quite possible we may up and disappear in the middle of the night (to Mexico or Thailand or some other far flung destination) with a bottle of mescal, a bucket of Vicodin and the few dollars left in our bank account. Won’t you please inform our families?


Second, it is going to be a big and beautiful bakery. As mentioned previously, it has the core DNA of our Red Hook store; – but , at the same time, it is all sorts of different as befits a completely different neighborhood. We can’t wait to show you the interiors, the ovens, the special sweets, the new savories and the toast. Damnit, we just love TOAST!

We anticipate being open from 7AM-10PM Monday-Friday and 8AM-10PM Saturday/Sunday (hey, we have beer and wine). And, by the by, we are looking for all sorts of people to hire.

But, honestly, the real reason for this update is to tell you about our cake pole. We want you to love our cake pole. You need to love to our cake pole.

One of the few demands we placed on our architect (the debonair Alex from Fjord Architecture) was to create a showpiece for our cakes. We think our cakes are the bomb, and we wanted to find a way to feature them that was slightly off-kilter – something slightly different than the ordinary cake-stand-on-display case that is entirely functional, entirely ubiquitous, but entirely boring.

So, Alex created this sophisticated cake tree thing for us. It is crafted from steel and positioned right smack-dab in front. Our sweet and salty cake is going to look so sexy perched upon a swiveling arm.

We have since renamed this apparatus the cake-pole because we felt that it was very important to keep some remnant of the former tenant, Harmony Burlesque. We figured the only way to improve upon the stripper (dance) pole, is to add cakes to it.

Anyway, when the time is right, we hope you swing down to see our cake pole in person (er…in action). We hope you love it as much as we do.

Shameless shill one: Baked Tribeca is not open yet, but we are taking wedding cake orders now (just call our Red Hook store for details). Additionally, drop us a line (info at bakednyc dot com) if you are interested in corporate orders, and/or event stuff.

Shameless shill two: We have a new book coming out, Baked Occasions. It is awesome.

That’s is the update for now. We are still in the flurry of construction. But at least we have our Neon B. More on that coming soon.