Citrus Olive Oil Bundt

Citrus Olive Oil Bundt

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A light olive oil and yogurt based cake with vanilla and orange flavors.
Custom Cakes and Cupcakes
Can you make a sheet cake or a shaped cake?

We do not make sheet cakes or shaped cakes. It is not our thing, and we are rather fond of the perfect proportion of filling to cake to frosting provided by the classic three-layer rounds.

Do you make edible photo transfers?

No. Instead, we are able to handcraft 2D chocolate transfers in "coloring book" style out of dark and tinted white chocolate!

Can you change the color or tint the chocolate transfer?

Yes, absolutely.

How many words can fit on my cake?

In our opinion, shorter is always better - and it also depends on the size of your cake. Keep it simple and sweet.

Can I customize cupcakes?

At the moment, we can tint the buttercream frosting, add florals or dots, and add an inscribed initial or two.

Can I switch out the cake, buttercream, or filling for something else?

Absolutely! While we think each of our recipes is wonderful, we understand that sometimes someone's just craving a different spin on things. All components of a cake may be
exchanged for others on our menu, but the pricing is unique to each substitution or addition you're looking for. Contact the bakery for a quote! NOTE: We do NOT make changes to the recipe of the cake dough.

Do you work with fondant?

Short answer, no. Long answer, maybe? We do very limited fondant work - please call the store you'd like to order from directly, so you can discuss concepts and pricing with our decorator team!

What are some of your standard decor options?

The Baked classics decor additions would be buttercream florals, buttercream polkadots, or to cover your cake in a sprinkle mix!

Can I order a variety of assorted cupcakes?

To ensure freshness and quality, all of our custom order cupcakes are baked per order and are only available one in one flavor per dozen. However, we usually offer a variety of cupcake flavors at the bakery (depending on day of week/time of day) - feel free
to stop by and create your own assortment.

Note: we cannot guarantee any flavor or quantity will be available and we highly recommend
ordering dozens ahead of time if this isn't a chance you're willing to

How far in advance do I need to order my cake or cupcakes?

Both store locations have a firm 48 hour lead time policy. Nearly every item on our menu can be ordered, for no additional cost, with sufficient notice.

We can sometimes make next- or same-day requests work, but this is always a case-by-case basis, and depends on our existing production schedule. (You'd be surprised just how long it takes to make a single,
three-layer cake). Note that there will be a rush fee associated with
all rush orders (the sooner you need it, the higher that will be).

Please be sure to call at least 2 days before to make sure we can get
you exactly what you want!

Are all of your classic cakes available as cupcakes?

Yes, with the exception of our bundt cakes, stump de noel, and tricolor cake!

What size are your cupcakes?

We only make standard size cupcakes. Sorry, no mini and no jumbo.

Can I order cakes online or by email?

Unfortunately, no - please call the store you
wish to order from directly. This is to ensure every cake is ordered
exactly how you want it.

How many servings can I get from each cake?

Our eight inch three-layer cake serves 12 to 16 generous servings.
Our ten inch three-layer cake serves 24 to 28 generous servings.
Our twelve inch three-layer cake serves 36 to 40 generous servings.

Do you deliver?

We deliver our cakes and cupcakes throughout
Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan (and sometimes to the Bronx or Staten
Island, if our delivery service agrees).

Delivery windows are typically 9am - noon or 1pm - 4pm, and we have a
very limited ability to deliver outside of these times, or to offer
smaller windows.

Does delivery cost extra?

Yes, we have to charge extra because we deliver through a third party service. For rates and more information, please call our bakery directly.(Do please note, cakes require very specific handling, and the delivery fee is priced accordingly).

Can I use my own courier service instead?

Absolutely! We're totally fine handing off a cake to your own courier, if you'd prefer, for no additional cost on our end.But please do make note, once we hand the cake off to an outside courier, we consider it as being in your possession, and we can no longer be responsible for any damage sustained en route! On the other hand, if you use our own service, we'll personally
guarantee that your cake arrives beautiful and delicious! (And we'd do everything in our power to fix things if the worst should happen, which we're very proud to say is exceedingly rare).

Caring for your Cakes

Our cakes taste best at room temperature. The room should be slightly cool and humidity free. If you need to store your cake overnight, keep your cake in the original cake box and wrap the box tightly in plastic, and store it in the refrigerator. When you are ready to eat your cake, remove the entire box from the refrigerator and place it in a room temperature setting at least two hours before eating. Your freshly baked cake should be eaten within 3 days.

Note: Cream Cheese frosted cakes (Carrot Cake) should be refrigerated at all times.